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Felger & Mazz: Brighter Future For Celtics Or Bruins?

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Celtics are much more entertaining team to watch at the moment, but do they have a brighter future than the Bruins?

Felger & Massarotti discussed the state of Boston's winter sports teams on Tuesday afternoon, and while everyone agrees that the Celtics are the better product at the moment, their opinions differ regarding the future of the franchises.

The Celtics are 33-25 and currently hold on to the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. The Bruins sit at 32-22-6 (with an embarrassing 12-15-3 home record), with their 70 points the fourth highest total in the Eastern Conference.

Both teams appear destined for the playoffs this season, but what will they look like in the coming years? Mazz and producer James Stewart both say the Bruins are set up better for the future, while Felger thinks they're crazy.

"We don't even know what the Bruins' future is yet. They're not even done tearing down," he said. "The Celtics have a brighter future. They're done tearing down and figuring out how to build up. That is a compelling, interesting story. They have all these pieces in which to build -- how are they going to build and what are they going to look like?

"The Bruins, we don't even know yet," said Felger. "The Celtics are a better product, have a brighter and more compelling future, and they're a more likable team than the Bruins."

While Mazz agrees that the Celtics, with all their young players and other assets, are further along in their rebuild, but that doesn't mean they're future is brighter.

Felger & Mazz also take a look at the local TV ratings for the two teams. You can see their full discussion in the video above.


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