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Map Shows Most Popular Halloween Candy For Massachusetts And Rest Of New England

BOSTON (CBS) -- Trick or treat! A new survey is revealing the most popular Halloween candy in every state with just over a month to go until the spooky holiday.

According to the rankings by, a bulk candy retailer, the top choice in Massachusetts is Sour Patch Kids. Butterfinger came in second, followed by Dubble Bubble gum.

Maine also picked Sour Patch Kids as its favorite. New Hampshire prefers M&Ms, while Vermont goes for Skittles. Twix is the No. 1 Halloween candy in Rhode Island, and Connecticut prefers an Almond Joy.

Reese's Cup was the top Halloween candy for all of America, found.

candy map
The Halloween candy map (Image credit:

It's estimated that Americans will spend $2.72 billion on Halloween candy this year.

Click here to read more about the candy calculations.

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