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Brad Stevens On Evan Turner Joining Celtics Coaching Staff: 'He Loves To Help People'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Evan Tuner only spent two seasons with the Boston Celtics, but he endeared himself to the franchise and the fanbase with his do-it-all style. Now that his playing days are over, Turner is set to join the Celtics coaching staff as an assistant sometime in the near future.

Boston head coach Brad Stevens confirmed that Turner will be joining the franchise in a new capacity during his chat with reporters on Friday. Turner will reportedly work in a player development role, a great start for the 32-year-old as he looks to continue to make an impact on the NBA.

"He's a special guy," Stevens said of his former guard. "Obviously a really good player at a lot of places and he had two great years here. He loves to be around the game and loves to help people. He has kind of a real service-orientedness to him. He's a team-oriented guy and everyone will love having him, but a lot of the younger players will benefit from his advice, experience and everything that comes from that."

Jaylen Brown didn't cross paths with Turner in Boston, but said it's a great move by the Celtics to bring in a recently retired player to be another voice on the coaching staff.

"I thought that was a great move, having people who have played the game at a high level and just finished playing," he said. "It's an added benefit to our team. He can relate to us, knows how our minds are thinking, and having him in the coaches meetings is going to be important. Great hire for the Celtics."

Turner will bring 10 years of NBA experience to his new job, playing multiple different positions and roles as a "Swiss Army Knife" type of player for the 76ers, Pacers, Celtics, Blazers and Hawks. The former No. 2 overall pick was always well-respected around the league, and will bring another unique voice to the Boston coaching staff.


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