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Boston Common Rally Calls To Make Early Education More Affordable In Massachusetts

BOSTON (CBS) -- Hundreds of parents, educators, and daycare providers from across Massachusetts gathered for a rally on Boston Common Saturday. It was a call to action to make affordable high-quality early education and child care accessible to all.

"I am not sure how I will afford child care with student loans and rising rent costs across the state," one woman said.

Several child care providers and single moms spoke out about the crisis the state's child care system is facing and how important funding is needed.

"The child care system in Massachusetts is struggling to meet the needs of families and parents, but it's also not working for providers who are struggling to keep their doors open. And it's not working for workers who are not making a livable wage," said another attendee.

Corissa Shular drove up from Springfield to join the rally with her son Jeremiah. She's a single parent who had to wait a long time to find childcare and even a bigger struggle to maintain it.

"There's only one income and being able to put food on the table. As we know, the cost of housing is going up," said Shular.

Many families at the rally said they have to fight tooth and nail just to find a daycare provider, and once they found it, they find it a struggle to afford it.

"You want to provide, but you can't because you are losing days from work because you have to put up the days to watch your kids. It's hard," a man said.

Last month, the state legislative commission recommended $1.5 billion dollars in additional funding to make Massachusetts's early education and child care system more affordable for families.

"It would mean more affordability for parents, families, and parents. It would mean higher wages and more sustainability for childcare professionals who want to make this their career, and it would mean providers can keep doors open," said an attendee.

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