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Waltham Farm Serving Up Donut Ice Cream Cones This Friday

WALTHAM (CBS) – This sounds almost too good to be true.

For one day only, Pizzi Farm in Waltham is bringing ice cream cones made of donuts to Massachusetts on Friday. Yes, that's April 1, but the farm promises there will be "No Fooling" on their season opener.

donut ice cream cones
A donut ice cream cone. (Image credit Pizzi Farm)

Donut ice cream cones first popped up at a café in Prague earlier this year and became the Internet's latest dessert craze, catching the eye of Pizzi Farm owner Rick Pizzi.

"Like everyone else I discovered the internet sensation on Instagram, then worked on developing my version of the donut cone," he tells CBS Boston.

donut cone
Making the donut cone (Image credit Pizzi Farm)

The special cones are available exclusively for Friday's opener, but there may be more opportunities to catch special donut-ice cream combos later in the season if you miss out. Boston-area food blogger Lisa Johnson, who was first to get the scoop about these unique treats, says the farm is also planning to serve "Donut Ice Cream Panini Sandwiches."

Pizzi Farm is located at 495 Lincoln St.

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