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Corn Maze Safety: Davis Farmland Adds COVID-19 Precautions To Annual Attraction

STERLING (CBS) -- Who doesn't love an apple orchard stroll or a trip to the pumpkin patch? Even though it's all outdoors, businesses that provide these autumn staples are still taking precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The Davis mega maze in Sterling opens Saturday.

"It's the first and the only world-class field maze in New England," said co-owner Larry Davis. "You're walking through corn. It's just corn and corn and more corn and all of a sudden you come to a bridge and it's great because it lifts you up."

Making a new corn maze every year is a supreme challenge, and making one during the pandemic was even more difficult.

"It's the one-way maze this year and that is obviously based on the pandemic. There is one way in. There is one way out," said Davis. "It is laid out specifically with COVID in mind to move people through safely and effectively just like everything at the facility."

Corn Maze
Corn maze at Davis Farmland in Sterling (WBZ-TV)

Maze masters will make sure foot traffic doesn't back up and only so many families can go in at once.

Food and drink will be served with social distancing in mind as well.

"We made sure all our food tents are more spread out than in the past. Our cue lines in that front of that to give everyone social distancing," said barbeque master Josh.

Davis Farmland is determined to make the best of a challenging time.

"But I think the feel is still awesome. It is just a great outdoor adventure for the whole family," said Davis.

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