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Cell phones to be banned in Dartmouth High School classrooms

Dartmouth High School to ban cell phones in classroom
Dartmouth High School to ban cell phones in classroom 01:21

DARTMOUTH - The Dartmouth High community is buzzing - but cell phones will not be this school year. Students will now have to drop devices at the door. 

"Every time we get a text or an alert or buzz, our eyes go off our learning and we miss a part of the lesson," Principal Ryan Shea pointed out. 

"It's kind of funny when they're going through TikTok or something and they accidentally have the volume on. It's hilarious! Yes of course it can be distracting to other students," a Dartmouth senior said. 

The principal compares the 'cell hotels' to a hanging shoe organizer on a closet door. Students caught with their phones in class will face consequences ranging from 5 minutes after school to a parent meeting. 

Any concerns can be discussed at the next school committee meeting on August 22nd. 

"If we're putting all of our phones in the same spot, who's to say someone can't go up to the basket and take my phone," an incoming freshman wondered. 

But many parents seem delighted over a little distance with devices. 

"It's right there, it's not like it's under lock and key somewhere. It is right there where everyone can see it. Everyone can go and grab it. I like that idea," a Dartmouth mother said of the plan. 

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