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Danny Ainge Roasts Marcus Smart On Twitter -- Again

BOSTON (CBS) -- Marcus Smart continues to improve after testing positive for coronavirus last week. But he's probably feeling a bit feverish after receiving yet another burn from his general manager on social media.

Danny Ainge may be an old guy, but he knows how to have fun on Twitter. And when it comes to poking fun at Smart, Ainge hits like a basketball to the face.

Smart posted an encouraging update on his Twitter account Thursday afternoon, letting everyone know he's feeling better while urging folks to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Smart was sporting a full afro in the picture, which opened the door for Ainge to poke fun at his bulldog off the bench.

"Looking at least 6'5"," Ainge remarked.

Smart is officially listed at 6-foot-3 on the C's roster. Burn.

This is just the latest entry of Ainge playfully roasting Smart on social media. Last week, before Smart announced his diagnosis, he put out a Twitter poll to see which hairdo of his Celtics fans like the most. Ainge, of course, weighed in, offering up his own tonsorial skills.

While there may not be any basketball to watch at the moment, Celtics fans can find some entertainment in Ainge's Twitter antics. And if there is any player that can take the friendly ribbing, it's Marcus Smart.

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