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Daily Talker: New Poll Finds 50% Of Teens Feel Addicted To Their Cell Phone

A new survey is confirming what many of us may already know: Teens are glued to their cell phones.

The poll by Common Sense Media found about 50 percent of teens feel addicted to their cell phones. Eighty percent admit checking their phones hourly and 72 percent feel the need to respond to messages right away.

The poll also found that 69 percent of parents admit to looking at their phone every hour and 56 percent admit to doing it while they drive.

The Director of Boston Children's Hospital's Center on Media and Child Health says it may not be the same thing as addiction, but teens who are glued to their phones can be negatively impacted. Dr. Michael Rich says they may not get enough sleep because they're texting all night, they can struggle to form relationships and they may forget about their school work. He adds that parents should set good examples for their kids by establishing clear rules about their phones.

He suggests setting a time for your children to turn off their phones. Then charge their phones in your room, the kitchen or somewhere they can't reach them.

What do you think? Are teens addicted to their cell phones? How about parents? What's the best way to get everyone to unplug?

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