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Crumbling Jeep Buried For Decades Pulled From Cape Cod Dune

TRURO (CBS) - A rusty Jeep buried in sand was lifted out of a Cape Cod dune Friday.

The almost unrecognizable vehicle was submerged under sand for decades in the garage of an old cottage in Truro.

John Musnuff, the homeowner, said his family wanted to get rid of the aged vehicle years ago.

Jeep dune
Jeep buried in garage in sand dune on Ballston Beach. (WBZ)

"Today we took out our Jeep out of the garage, cause it was buried in sand and the Jeep was kind of shot, so we got it out of there," said Musnuff.

The family has owned the cottage since 1895. Over the years, they have watched the dunes erode, move and take over.

Musnuff said, "Every year we come back to change, there's always something to dig out, or got buried, or it's just constant."

The erosion on Ballston Beach has exposed old pipes from houses that no longer exist.

Emily Beebe, a Truro Conservation agent, believes that the process of erosion taking over the garage is something that everybody sees on Ballston.

Jeep dune
A Jeep is pulled out of a dune in Truro. (WBZ-TV)

Ballston Beach was a huge sand dune before "The Perfect Storm" hit in 1991, leaving a big hole on the beach.

"That (The Perfect Storm) was the first big one. Yeah in recorded history that we know of. There's probably been a lot in the past but yeah that was a, that was a pretty big one," said Mark Borrelli, a director at the Center for Coastal Services.

He said dunes are always on the move and if objects are not moved, they get buried.

The crumbling Jeep was moved to Boston.

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