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Coyote bites woman in Swampscott near where man reported coyote bite in June

Coyote bites woman in Swampscott
Coyote bites woman in Swampscott 00:16

SWAMPSCOTT -- A woman was bit by a coyote in Swampscott on Saturday night, police said. It happened in the same area where a man reported he was bit by a coyote a few weeks ago.

Around 10 p.m., the woman and her friend were getting in their car at the Bertucci's on 450 Paradise Road. A coyote approached them and they tried to shoo it away. The animal "bumped her in the leg as she was getting in the car" but she didn't notice that her skin was punctured until they were in Salem an hour and a half later.

"The female felt that she needed to report the incident after learning that a similar event happened back in June," police said. 

She was advised to seek medical attention. 

A day later, the woman said she was feeling OK and agreed to speak with Animal Control. No changes in her condition have been reported. 

On June 13, a man was bit by a coyote at a shopping mall on 980 Paradise Road. At the time, police said he was OK and was able to go in to work later in the day.

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