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Braintree Firefighter Buys Food For Elderly Caller In Need During Coronavirus

BRAINTREE (CBS) – A Braintree firefighter went above and beyond to help an elderly resident in need during the coronavirus crisis.

Jackie Giacchetti received a call that was unlike most times she answers the phone.

"He said 'I need food.' I thought to myself, 'OK. I've listened to a lot of 911 calls. This one's a different one, that's for sure," Giacchetti said.

The man told Giacchetti his name and address, and listed several items he needed.

Braintree fire dispatcher Jackie Giacchetti. (WBZ-TV)

Giacchetti decided she would go to the grocery store and pick up the items for the man.

"I was gone for about 20 minutes, came back to the station, knocked on the guy's door with gloves and a mask on," she said. "He came to the door and his face, it was priceless. He was so appreciative, so thankful. In a time like this, we're always looking out for people."

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The groceries bought by a Braintree fire dispatcher for an elderly caller. (Image Credit: Jackie Giacchetti)

The Braintree firefighter said she decided to help the man because she hoped others would do the same in a similar situation.

"I just thought to myself, if this were any of my friends or family members reaching out for help, or advice or something, I would hope someone would do the same for them," she said.

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