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As Coronavirus Closes Colleges, Students Say They Will Miss Learning On Campus

BOSTON (CBS) - For Columbia University student Isabella Collins, her dining room is now her classroom, and she returned home this week to finish the semester online.

"It's different. It's taking some adjustments, but in all honesty, it has to happen," she said.

For Columbia student Isabella Collins, her dining room table is now her classroom. (WBZ-TV)

Classroom discussions are now a click away on an e-learning platform.

"My concern is I will have distractions. I don't have that time in class to focus, that time in the library to do my work," said Collins.

Online learning is not new to college students, but as so many have been asked to leave campuses, including Boston College students, they say an integral part of their learning will be missing.

"There's going to be something missing in class discussion, not having contact with people physically being there," said BC student Heidi Zhang.

As classes move online during the coronavirus threat, students are concerned about their learning experience. (WBZ-TV)

With so many moving to online learning tech expert Peter Tran says the internet is being stress-tested like never before, and time will tell if it can handle it all.

"They're already running e-learning, add on traditional classroom on top of the current e-learning curriculum, and there's a lot of demand on partners and platforms."

For Isabella Collins, the college experience is now a little more isolating, away from the classroom and away from her friends. "Not being able to see them and not spend the hours together will be challenging."


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