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Cleaning Companies See Boost In Business Due To Coronavirus

BOSTON (CBS) - Area businesses are increasing their cleaning procedures as concerns about the coronavirus grow. Commercial cleaning company JAN-PRO is getting more calls than normal.

"We've had a lot of activity on new customers calling and asking for us to come out and give them a quote about either a one-time sterilization or routine cleaning services," said Mark Munoz, the owner of JAN-PRO.

Mark Munoz
Mark Munoz of JAN-PRO (WBZ-TV)

The company's current clients are also calling, trying to figure out what else they can do.

"Our customers want to make sure that the things that are being touched all the time are constantly clean," Munoz said.

Wilmington based Xenon has ultraviolet technology, which has the potential to kill off things like the coronavirus in just seconds. Saad Ahmed said their ultraviolet light pulses are like having a thousand suns hitting one spot. "That huge amount of energy is able to do a lot of damage to cells," Ahmed said.

Saad Ahmed
Saad Ahmed of Xenon (WBZ-TV)

Their sterilization technology is already being used in hospitals.

"We can leverage that kind of experience and expertise to see how we can deploy it to sort of deal with the coronavirus crisis," Ahmed said.

Right now, Xenon is working with a company to develop a way to disinfect trays and bins like you would see at the airport. Their goal is to ease the concerns around air travel.

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