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'Definitely Scary': Concord NH Murders Leave Walkers At Broken Ground Trail Uneasy

CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) -- Investigators returned Saturday to the woods in Concord, New Hampshire, where a husband and wife in their 60s were both murdered days ago. The bodies of Stephen Reid and Djeswende Reid were were found with multiple gunshot wounds along the Broken Ground Trail Thursday.

"It's definitely scary," a woman in the area said.

Folks are second-guessing whether they should walk the popular trails, even as the weather gets warmer and days stay lighter outside.

"It was just awful," another woman said. "I don't know how people are not in danger. If it was me, I would be saying don't walk the trails."

"I was just talking about going on a trail myself and now I'm having second thoughts because you don't know what's going to happen," she continued.

Police said Steven and Wendy left on Monday afternoon from the Alton Woods Apartment Complex where they lived. They were going for a walk outside and that was the last time they were seen. Investigators now need any evidence of their last moments they can find. The family first reported the couple missing on Wednesday and their bodies were found a day later.

"Throughout the week, if people specifically encountered them or have any information about anyone they saw or anything they observed on the Broken Ground Trail on Monday afternoon, that's the time frame we are looking at," said NH Senior Assistant Attorney General Geoffrey Ward.

Police have not said if this is a random or targeted attack. They are asking residents to be vigilant but investigators say there is no reason to believe that the public is at risk at this time.

"I was actually surprised when I heard there were multiple gunshots," one man said.

"I definitely won't be going on a walking trail by myself. It makes you want to have an animal or a protection with you at some point because that's just horrible what happened to those people," said a woman.

Anyone with information about the crime or who happened to see the Reids earlier this week is asked to contact police.

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