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Cole On T&R: Patriots Fans Underestimating The Chargers

BOSTON (CBS) - It's Friday now, which means Patriots fans have had over four full days to digest and move on from the Packers loss.

In listening to the discussion and reading what's being said about Sunday night's showdown with San Diego, 98.5 The Sports Hub's Rich Shertenlieb is getting the sense that Patriots fans are taking this game lightly.

"It's another game this weekend that I think a lot of people are writing off and taking it more lightly than they should be," Rich said on Friday. "The Chargers are a hot team right now. They've won three games in a row, including a pretty big statement game against the Ravens last week. History shows Patriots fans should be confident, because the team is excellent in December and they're always excellent coming off of a loss. But this Chargers team has been on somewhat of a tear."

Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report agrees with Shertenlieb's sentiment. He joined T&R this morning to weigh in.

"I would certainly agree with that. I think this game is a lot more difficult [than people think]. I just don't think there's this great difference between the top competition in the NFL right now and say team no. 6 or 7. As I look at the playoff field on both sides, truly anybody can beat anybody. I'm really interested to see how the playoffs play out," said Cole.

San Diego (8-4) is playing at home, and with just one game back from Denver (9-3), needless to say there's a lot there for them to be motivated.

"This is a difficult game. Don't make this some simple trap game that [Patriots] are gonna just walk right through, because the Chargers certainly have a lot of incentive to give themselves homefield advantage and possibly catch the Broncos -- they've still got a chance at the no. 1 seed in the AFC if they can win these next two games."

Listen below for the full conversation, including Cole's take on Darrelle Revis' future and much more:


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