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Climate activists deflate tires of 43 SUVs on Beacon Hill

Climate activists deflate tires of 43 SUVs on Beacon Hill
Climate activists deflate tires of 43 SUVs on Beacon Hill 02:01

BOSTON - The air compressors were cranking on Beacon Hill Thursday. Many flat tires needed to be filled, after climate activists took aim at big fancy cars parked in the wealthy neighborhood.

The environmental group Tyre Extinguishers claimed responsibility for deflating the tires of 43 luxury SUVs Wednesday night. Victims of the vandalism didn't want to be on camera, but neighbors said this is no way to drive a message home.

"It's not a solution to the world's problems. It's a destruction of property. If you want to make change, make it through the ballot box," one neighbor said.

The Tyre Extinguishers left flyers on the windshield. The last line tells drivers "you'll have no trouble getting around without your gas guzzler, by walking cycling or using public transit."

Tire deflated
Tire deflated on Beacon Hill by climate activists CBS Boston

At least one victim told police their discovery was made leaving to go to the doctor's office. They missed the appointment.

"Particularly in this neighborhood there are a number of elderly people who park on the street. This is a burden on them. I think it's pretty unfair," said another neighbor.

As Boston Police investigate, even the environmentally conscious on Beacon Hill say there are clearer, calmer ways to discuss the climate crisis.

"I understand why direct action to promote awareness is a thing. I don't necessarily think that is the most productive or helpful way to send to message. Disrupting people's days doesn't actually get people to think about the problem, which is that we do need to be more mindful," one woman added.  

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