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Cleanup Of Blackstone Home Going Slowly Due To 'Horrific' Conditions

BLACKSTONE (CBS) – Blackstone town officials say the cleanup of the St. Paul Street home where the bodies of three infants were found amid piles of debris is going slower than expected because conditions are worse than they thought.

At a news conference Sunday just after noon, officials said the debris in some places is knee high.

Conditions in the home were described as "horiffic."

The home where four children were living in squalor and the remains of three babies were discovered is now under quarantine.

The mother of the children, Erika Murray, 31, was ordered held without bail Friday on several charges including fetal death concealment and witness intimidation.

Authorities were called to the home in late August and removed four children - ages 13, 10, 3 and 6 months old. When they went back to investigate further, police found the bodies of the infants – one Wednesday afternoon and two on Thursday.

She isn't charged in the deaths at this point in the investigation.

On Sunday, officials said there is so much debris in some rooms that it blocks entrance. Officials filled an entire dumpster with items from two rooms.

Exterminators arrived Saturday afternoon to decontaminate the home of vermin and insects and later trash removers were on the scene to begin removing the contents of the home.

On Sunday morning cleanup crews found more dead animals. The bodies of a cat and dog were found in a bedroom. Skeletal remains of cats and dogs had been found previously.

The cleanup has cost $20,000 so far. The home's owner will have to pay the cleanup costs.


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