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'A Loud Crunching Sound': Multiple Cars Side-Swiped In Brighton

BOSTON (CBS) -- Multiple cars in Boston were damaged Sunday after a driver side-swiped them and kept driving. Mangled metal and debris could be found along Litchfield Street in Brighton.

The Renderos family's Ford Explorer was hit the hardest.

"Shock is the first thing because I couldn't believe this was happening," said Yesenia Renderos.

The driver's side door was nearly ripped open to one car, and at least two others were hit. And the driver didn't stop.

BRIGHTON CRASH 1_frame_8821 (1)
A car on Litchfield Street was side-swiped on Sunday afternoon (WBZ-TV)

Witnesses saw a truck speeding down the quiet neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

"I heard a loud crunching sound," said Roman Lilligren.

A screeching noise could be heard from Lilligren's apartment, so he went outside.

"It was a full-sized pick-up truck with a really long trailer, especially for this street."

Lilligren said the driver sped down Gould Street.

"The rate at which they took off, suggests they knew they did something wrong. It wasn't like oh I scraped it and I don't want to leave my number. This is – I'm just running," said Lilligren.

"Not caring, trying to get away – no heart. They don't care," said Renderos.

An Uber driver who witnessed the act cared enough to follow the truck long enough to get the license plate.

The Renderos family is grateful for the Uber driver's good deed.

"The good thing is nobody got hurt. This is just material stuff, so I'm just happy nobody got hurt," said Renderos.

They've filed a police report and hope their insurance will handle the repairs.

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