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Boston Residents Race To Clear Snow Before Freezing Temperatures Arrive

BOSTON (CBS) -- Many of the streets in Charlestown are narrow, making shoveling out cars and walkways a top priority for most, even though it is not a quick process.

"It took about three hours somewhere around there, it's really heavy so I think that's part of the problem," Sean O'Brien said.

"It's heavy. Really heavy and wet," Jenna Vraibel added.

People also placed space savers early, despite the mayor's warning they'll be thrown away as trash.

Meanwhile the plows didn't make shoveling out those spots much easier. "Yeah, plows come by, you shovel. The plows come by again, you shovel again," Lindsey Herchel explained.

And in the case of some cars, you could barely see them.

Snow plow
A snow plow in Charlestown. (WBZ-TV)

Luckily, the sun did peek through. Snow was then sliding off cars, and ice was melting to the ground. "It's a beautiful day now the sun's out so life is good," Nancy Sullivan said.

It was a neighborhood effort on most streets because they knew time was running out. "I heard it's supposed to get freezing cold so it's going to freeze. I'm all set with that," Vraibel said.

By 7 o'clock temperatures dipped below freezing and will stay that way until Friday. "That's the key you've gotta get this all done before it freezes," O'Brien said.

Some admit they've been one of those people to wait and have had to live with that mistake for days. "It's been terrible and the car has sat until the warmer weather has come," Herchel said.

As for how everyone feels about the first big storm of the season, it depends on who you ask. "I love it! bring them all March," she added. "I'd like it to be one and done," O'Brien said.

Salt trucks worked throughout the day Monday to make sure to hit every side street in Charlestown before things freeze over. Remember to also shovel out fire hydrants.

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