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Chokeholds, Strangleholds Banned In New Boston Police Use Of Force Policy

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Boston Police Department said Thursday that it is changing some of its use of force procedures. This comes after weeks of protests against police brutality in the city.

Chokeholds and strangleholds will now be banned.

Officers will be required to give verbal warnings before using deadly force and officers should stop other officers from using excessive force. Police will also institute comprehensive reporting of incidents.

"The Boston Police Department is committed to de-escalating incidents to negate the need for the use of force," the department said in a statement.

"When force is necessary the Boston Police Department is committed to using only the amount of force that is reasonably necessary to overcome the resistance offered. The Boston Police Department is equally committed to preventing unnecessary force, ensuring accountability and transparency, and building trust with our community."

The reforms are based on the "8 Can't Wait" policies put forth by activist group Campaign Zero, a non-profit which works to end police brutality. The policies are meant to be reforms that police forces can put in place immediately to save save lives.

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