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Boston Police Officers Impressive In 'Cop Pool Karaoke' Video

BOSTON (CBS) - They're calling it "Cop Pool Karaoke," two Boston police officers showing Independence Day spirit, and the video is great.

They put it together to celebrate July 4th, and to show us all a different side of the cops.

The video shows Officers Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty riding in a patrol car as they break out into a lovely version of "God Bless America."

boston police singing officers
Singing Boston Police officers Stephen McNulty and Kim Tavares. (Image credit: Boston Police)

That acapella version is going viral and spoofs Car Pool Karaoke.

"Kim and I have been singing for the department individually for a number of years, performing the National Anthem at different venues, at different events, but we've never actually sung together," says Officer McNulty.

The patrol car performance was their first time.

"With the stress that we have to go through on a day-to-day basis, you need something that levels that stress out and music, it just makes you happy," adds Officer Tavares.

And along with that comes a little burst of attention for people who are usually behind the scenes.

"If it can show the human side of officers, if they can look at us in a different way, and maybe if it inspires them to go sing a song with their friends, so much the better," says McNulty.

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