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Boston Police, FBI Investigating Phone Threats To City

BOSTON (CBS) -- Police said Monday they were determining the credibility of threats to Boston which were called in to police in New York City.

They said in a community advisory posted on their blog Monday that an anonymous phone call to the NYPD's 911 system "made reference to threats to Boston." When the dispatcher pressed the caller for specific details, they hung up. The NYPD notified Boston of the threats.

"The BPD remains vigilant in their patrols throughout the city and maintains high visibility with increased resources at all large public gatherings and venues," the department said Monday. "While the BPD continues to monitor this situation, at this time there remains no credible information regarding any threat to the Boston area."

The FBI told WBZ that they "were not aware of any specific, current, credible threats to the Boston area."

Boston police, along with the FBI, are questioning the credibility of the call after investigating and finding that the threats it included lacked specificity.

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