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Boston Mayoral Candidates Make Final Pitch To Voters Before Election Day

BOSTON (CBS) -- The two city councilors vying to be the next mayor of Boston are campaigning down to the wire before Election Day Tuesday.

"There's a clear choice in this race about whether city hall will continue to nibble around the edges of the status quo or take on big, bold solutions that we need," candidate Michelle Wu said Sunday.

Candidate Annissa Essaibi George handed out candy. She has set out on a 24-hour campaign marathon, with stops every 90 minutes all through the night until Monday evening.

"Making sure that we are touching every single one of our residents across our city, when and where they need us to be," said Essaibi George.

She has the vocal backing of former Police Chief William Gross and has accused front-runner Wu of seeking to defund the police.

Wu has the endorsement of some big-name progressives, including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.

"I'm on the ground making sure that we are focused on talking about what's at stake here, the issues that are affecting our residents, and how much it matters that everyone comes out to vote on Election Day," said Wu.

She added there she will have teams knocking on doors in every corner of the city in the hours ahead of the election.

"I'm excited to get to Election Day, to open the polls Tuesday morning, to close the polls Tuesday night, and get to a celebration," said Essaibi George.

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