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Doctors Blame Irregular Heartbeat For Former Mayor's Crash In South Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - Former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn is back home now, reliving a terrifying accident last Thursday when he passed out behind the wheel, and crashed his SUV into a neighbor's house.

"I'm feeling fine now. I had a rough time, but I'm feeling much better right now," Flynn told WBZ's Jim Smith.

He says he doesn't remember much before the crash.

"And the next thing, I conked out, and woke up I don't know how many minutes later and my car had crashed into the house next door," Flynn said.

Ray Flynn Crash
A car is towed from the area of Ray Flynn's home. (WBZ-TV)

The vehicle was totaled. Flynn suffered a concussion and a banged up shoulder. It turns out an irregular heartbeat most likely caused the blackout.

"There's a lot of kids in the neighborhood. But there were no kids here, they were all in school thank God," Flynn said. "And there were no people so that was the first bit of relief when I found out there were no kids, no people and nobody got hurt."

Ray Flynn Crash
Former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn was involved in a crash near his home. (WBZ-TV)

Doctors at Mass General implanted a defibrillator to prevent any future problems and the prognosis is good.

When the mayor thinks about that wrecked vehicle, he considers himself lucky.

"You know I always try and stay on the right side of God anyway and this was a good enough reason for me to thank him even more, because he was looking out for me," Flynn says.


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