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Boston Marathon 2024 road closures to know for today's race

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BOSTON – Monday marks Patriots' Day, which means it's time for the 2024 Boston Marathon. That also means there will be a long list of streets all along the marathon route that will be closed to traffic. Parking will also be restricted for days in many spots.

You can get complete coverage from WBZ-TV, along with the winners, and information on how to track your favorite runners.

When will roads open back up after the marathon?

Below is a town-by-town look at road closures and when they will reopen.


On Marathon Monday, roads surrounding the start line and town common (Including Main Street, Ash Street, Park Street, and Hayden Rowe) will close at 6:30 a.m. After that, all other roads leading into the downtown area will be closed to traffic at 7 a.m. 

Major roads leading into the downtown area will be blocked at the following locations:

  • West Main Street at Lumber Street
  • Wood Street at Elm Street
  • Hayden Rowe Street at Chestnut
  • Ash Street at Blueberry Lane
  • Cedar Street at Legacy Farms North
  • East Main Street at every intersection

Additionally, roads adjacent to where runners and spectators are located will be blocked.


Road closures are scheduled in Ashland the area of Route 135 from 6:15 a.m. - 1:20 p.m.


Route 135 (Waverly Street) closed Monday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Route 135 closed 8:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.


Marathon runners enter Wellesley on Central Street (Route 135) at the Natick line, in the area of Wellesley College. Police will close roads at 8:30 a.m. and they remain closed until all runners pass through Wellesley at around 3:30 p.m.

Road closures include

  • Central Street from the Natick line to Grove Street
  • Washington Street from Grove Street to the Newton line 


Several roads will be closed from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Marathon route:

  • Washington Sttreet from the Wellesley line to Auburn Street
  • Commonwealth Ave. from Auburn Street to the Boston line
  • Commonwealth Ave. Carriage Lane from Washington Street to the Boston line
  • All feeder streets along the marathon route will be closed 60 feet back from the course

Secondary roads:

  • Beacon Street from Washington Street to Dorset Road
  • Beacon Street Extension (North of Washington Street)
  • Beacon Street from Hammond Street to Boston line (Residents only) 
  • Centre Street from Homer Street to Ward Street
  • Chestnut Street from Beacon Street to Highland Street (Residents only)
  • College Road from Beacon Street to Commonwealth Ave.
  • Concord Street from Hagar to Washington Street
  • Evelyn Road from 192 Evelyn Road to Fuller Street
  • Fuller Street from Day Street to Evelyn Road (Residents only)
  • Grant Ave from Beacon Street to Ward Street (Residents only)
  • Grove Street from Washington to Moulton Street
  • Hammond Street from Ward to Hammondswood Road
  • Helene Road/ Cotter Road from Paulson to Fuller
  • Homer Street rom Commonwealth Ave. to Centre Street·
  • Lowell Ave. from Commonwealth Ave. to Hull Street (Residents only)
  • Old Colony Road from Priscilla to Commonwealth Ave.
  • Quinobequin Road from I-95 southbound ramp to Washington Street
  • Walnut Street from Horner Street to Mill Street (Residents only)
  • Ward Street from Hammond to Manet (Residents only)
  • Woodland Road from Cheswick Road to Washington Street


The following roads will be closed approximately 8 4:45 p.m.

  • Beacon Street
  • Chestnut Hill Ave. at Clinton Road and Dean Road
  • Washington Street at Park Street
  • Harvard Street at Longwood Ave. and Sewall Ave.
  • Saint Paul Street at Longwood Ave.
  • Sewall Ave. at Marshall Street

Boston road closures for the 2024 race

There is a long list of roads closed in Boston on Marathon Monday. They can be found on the map below, or on the City of Boston website.

Roads that are closed on Marathon Monday. City of Boston

Boston parking restrictions

Parking meters are free for the day, but parking will be restricted on several streets in the Back Bay on Monday and Saturday. Parking will also be restricted on some streets several days in advance of the weekend to allow preparations to take place. Parking restrictions are as follows.

No Stopping April 8 - April 18

  • Exeter Street (east side) Boylston Street to Blagden Street
  • Blagden Street (south side, opposite side of library), from Huntington Avenue to Exeter Street
  • Blagden Street (north side, library side), BPL Driveway to Exeter Street
  • Boylston Street (both sides), Exeter Street to Dartmouth Street
  • Boylston Street from Dartmouth Street
  • Blagden Street (north side), Dartmouth Street to BPL Driveway

No Stopping April 10-16

  • Exeter Street (west side). Alley 441 to Boylston Street

No Stopping April 12-15

  • Beacon Street (south side, Boston Common side), Charles Street to Joy Street
  • Boylston Street (both sides), Dalton Street to Dartmouth Street, unless otherwise posted
  • Dartmouth Street (both sides), Boylston Street to Commonwealth Avenue
  • Exeter Street (both sides), Newbury Street to Huntington Avenue, unless otherwise posted.

No Stopping April 11-15

  • Clarendon Street (both sides), Newbury Street to Stuart Street

No Stopping April 13-15

  • Beacon Street, Bay State Road to Brookline Town Line (both sides)
  • Berkeley Street (both sides), Stuart Street to Newbury Street
  • Boylston Street (both sides), Dartmouth Street to Charles Street, unless otherwise posted
  • Cambridge Street (both sides), Court Street to Sudbury Street
  • Charles Street (both sides), Boylston Street to Beacon Street
  • Saint James Avenue (both sides), Arlington Street to Dartmouth Street
  • Stuart Street (both sides), Huntington Avenue to Arlington Street

No Stopping April 14 and 15

  • Clarendon Street (both sides), Public Alley 436 to Newbury Street
  • Newbury Street (both sides) for Media Vehicles, #29 Newbury Street crossing over Berkeley Street to #69 Newbury Street

No Stopping April 13 12:01 a.m. through 3 p.m. 

  • Newbury Street (both sides), Dartmouth Street to Exeter Street

No Stopping April 15

  • Arlington Street (both sides), Beacon Street to Isabella Street
  • Beacon Street, Brighton (both sides), Chestnut Hill Avenue to Brookline Line
  • Beacon Street, Back Bay (South side, Public Garden side), Charles Street to Arlington Street
  • Berkeley Street (both sides), Columbus Avenue to Commonwealth Avenue, unless otherwise posted
  • Belvidere Street (both sides), Huntington Avenue to Massachusetts Avenue
  • Boylston Street (both sides), Massachusetts Avenue to Dalton Street
  • Cambria Street (both sides), Boylston Street to the loading dock of the Hynes Center
  • Charles Street South (both sides), Park Plaza to Boylston Street
  • Chestnut Hill Ave. (both sides), Commonwealth Avenue to Beacon Street
  • Clarendon Street (both sides), Commonwealth Avenue to Columbus Avenue, unless otherwise posted
  • Cleveland Circle (both sides), (Parking area adjacent to Cassidy Playground parking area adjacent to Sutherland Road) from Beacon Street to Chestnut Hill Avenue, 24 hours
  • Columbus Avenue (both sides), Arlington Street to Dartmouth Street
  • Commonwealth Avenue (south, inbound, side), Beacon Street (Kenmore Square) to 80' east of Hereford Street, the section of roadway between the entrance to the Massachusetts Avenue underpass and Massachusetts Avenue does not need to be posted.
  • Commonwealth Avenue, Lake Street to Chestnut Hill Avenue (inbound)
  • Dartmouth Street (both sides), Saint James Avenue to Columbus Avenue
  • Deerfield Street (both sides), Commonwealth Avenue to Bay State Road
  • East Dedham Street (both sides), Harrison Avenue to Albany Street
  • Exeter Street (both sides), Commonwealth Avenue to Newbury Street
  • Fairfield Street (both sides), Boylston Street to Commonwealth Avenue
  • Gloucester Street (both sides), Commonwealth Avenue to Boylston Street
  • Hereford Street (both sides), Commonwealth Avenue to Boylston Street
  • Hanover Street (both sides) for Patriot's Day Parade, Congress Street to Commercial Street
  • Kenmore Street (both sides), Newbury Street to Beacon Street
  • Nassau Street (for Tufts Medical), Both sides, from Washington Street to Harrison Avenue
  • Newbury Street (both sides), Arlington Street to Brookline Avenue excluding the section already posted from #29 to #69 Newbury also over post any other signs on Dartmouth Street to Exeter Street
  • Plympton Street (both sides), Harrison Avenue to Albany Street
  • Raleigh Street (both sides), Bay State Road to Beacon Street
  • Stanhope Street (both sides), Berkeley Street to Clarendon Street
  • Scotia Street (both sides), Dalton Street to St. Cecilia Street
  • St. Cecilia Street (both sides), Belvidere Street to Boylston Street
  • Washington Street (for Tufts Medical), Both sides, from Oak Street to Nassau Street
  • East side (even side), from Nassau Street to Kneeland Street
  • Blagden Street (both sides), Huntington Avenue to Exeter Street, unless otherwise posted
  • Congress Street (north side, Faneuil Hall side) for Patriot's Day Parade, State Street to Hanover Street
  • Commonwealth Avenue, Charlesgate West to Deerfield Street (outbound)
  • Dalton Street (both sides), Boylston Street to Clearway Street
  • Huntington Avenue (northwest side, odd side), Blagden Street to Massachusetts Avenue
  • New Chardon Street (both sides), Merrimac Street to Cambridge Street
  • Providence Street (both sides), Arlington Street to Berkeley Street
  • State Street (both sides) for Patriot's Day Parade, Congress Street to Washington Street
  • Tremont Street (both sides) for Patriot's Day Parade, Cambridge Street/Beacon Street to Stuart Street
  • Washington Street (both sides) for Patriot's Day Parade, Winter Street to State Street
  • Winter Street (both sides) for Patriot's Day Parade, Tremont Street to Washington Street

Marathon Monday MBTA changes

Copley Station will be closed all day on Marathon Monday. In addition, South Street, Kent Street, and Saint Mary's Street stations will be closed from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. The MBTA said it could make additional adjustments or temporary closures at additional stations near the finish line.

Green, Red, Orange, Blue and Silver line trains will run on weekday schedules. Additional service will be offered before and after the race.

Commuter Rail trains on the Worcester Line will have a special Marathon Monday schedule. As a result, there will be additional inbound and outbound trains. Other Commuter Rail lines will be operated on normal weekday schedules.

The Copley Square bus stop located on St. James Ave. is out of service through Tuesday, April 16. Riders will be redirected to the bus stop on St. James Ave. at Clarendon Street, the MBTA said.

On Marathon Monday, Routes 55 and 65 will be suspended all day. Route 1 will run from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. on an increased Saturday schedule. Routes 9, 10, 39, 43, 51, 57, 62, and 76 with either be shortened or detoured. Routes 354 and 501 will be operating on a weekday schedule.

The RIDE and all ferries will operate on regular weekday schedules. The only impact could be potential detours for The RIDE to accommodate any potential marathon-related events.

Bicycles are not allowed on the MBTA all day on Monday.

Riders are encouraged to load their CharlieCard or CharlieTIcket with enough money early in the day. The MBTA asks people to pay with a credit or debit card to reduce lines at stations.

The MBTA said it does not recommend driving to the finish line or other viewing areas due to the lengthy list of parking restrictions. Instead, riders are asked to park at an MBTA station and take the T or Commuter Rail in.

Parking rates range from $2-$15.

For complete information, visit Up-to-the-minute service information can be found by checking T-Alerts.

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