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Boston To Be Warmer Than Usual For Saint Patrick's Day Parade

BOSTON (CBS) -- Let's face facts: by the time Boston reaches mid-March, we long for winter to fade fast and for spring to come on strong.

For many, the arrival of Boston's Saint Patrick's Day Parade Day is one of those spring benchmarks. That's not to say that the Parade Day's arrival is a guarantee spring weather will accompany it. I grew up in eastern Massachusetts and know that all too well, having attended many spring outdoor events where the weather didn't exactly "cooperate." Holding and planning any outdoor event in March in this area can be risky, as the month is definitely known for its meteorological mischief.

Fortunately, for this first Saint Paddy's Day parade to be held in person since the onset of the pandemic in 2019, the luck of the Irish will be with us.

2020 Event 3
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We can thank the timing of the passage of a cold front today (Saturday) for the drier air we'll see on Sunday. While the breeze will be busy, it will be tolerable, and will actually allow temperatures to make a run at 60 degrees, thanks to the wind direction which will be westerly.

Although clouds may tend to gather a bit in the afternoon, we expect nothing more than a stray sprinkle or a very light shower.

Considering the average high in Boston for this time of year is 46°, it's safe to say that 60° air and plenty of dry time will be a nice treat for all the parade-goers!


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