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Bad Rabbits return to Boston Calling Music Festival with new album

Bad Rabbits return to Boston Calling stage
Bad Rabbits return to Boston Calling stage 02:41

BOSTON - The Boston-based band Bad Rabbits kicked off the first Boston Calling Music Festival back in 2013, and 11 years later, they are back!

"It's kind of humbling and an honor," says guitarist Salim Akram. "I don't know a lot of bands that get to participate a second time."

Together since 2007

The founding members of Bad Rabbits, Fredua Boakye on vocals, Sheel Dave on drums, and Akram on guitar, have been together since 2007 when they were called The Eclectic Collective.

"I told him we should start a band," Boakye told WBZ. "Salim linked up with Sheel, cause they've known each other since they were 12-years-old. And the rest is history."

History that did include a few rough patches, admitted by band members themselves.

"We've had a lot of ups and downs in our friendship and ups and downs in the band, and I think now we're all at a great place," Dave explains. "And that's definitely translating into our music as well."

The original members say they made it through the tough times better for it and added bassist Mike Landry in recent years.

Over 20 new songs in the works

Now, Bad Rabbits have a new album out, and it's given them renewed attention in the music scene. They say they have even more music in the pipeline.

"We have 20, 25 songs in the works right now," Boakye says.

And they plan to bring their best to the Boston Calling stage.

"I'm honestly super stoked to have us play on Saturday with a group; it feels more like a folky day," says Landry. "I feel like that creates like much more excitement around what we hopefully do and it's easier to hang with everyone coming from separate genres."

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