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Boomer Esiason On Toucher & Rich: 'Lost And Heartbroken' Over Craig Carton Arrest

BOSTON (CBS) -- Boomer Esiason joins Toucher & Rich every Monday morning during the NFL season to chat some football, but he had a much tougher topic to tackle in his first appearance of the 2017 season.

Esiason's co-host on WFAN, Craig Carton, was arrested last week on conspiracy and securities fraud charges in an alleged ticket-selling scam. Authorities said Carton and others started the scam to pay off millions of dollars in gambling debts.

Esiason addressed the situation on Toucher & Rich on Monday morning, saying he is still searching for answers. He equated it to a quarterback losing his best weapon on the field.

"I'm lost and heartbroken over the whole thing, trying to figure out what the future holds," Boomer told Toucher & Rich. "We just have to wait and see and only time will tell."

Esiason said he spoke with Carton for a few minutes on Saturday for the first time since his arrest.

"It was a very somber call; I was more interested about his family. You can imagine how that must be. If you guys have worked with anybody who has had problems in their life, you want the best for them; want to love them and their family, give them hope and support. But under the current circumstances there is only so much support I can give and a lot of it can't be public," he said. "All I can do is tell him I love him dearly, I'm pulling for him and privately I'll try to help him the best I can.

Boomer and Carton pose for a picture during a game at the Barclays Center on March 28, 2014. (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

"For 10 years it's been so unpredictable every time we go into the studio. He walked into that studio and it was a four-hour show to him," said Esiason. "Ninety percent of the show he's doing a standup routine and I'm reacting. I'm the laugh track, the older brother who is being more mature, the guy bringing it back to the center or the guy being brought into an awkward situation."

Boomer said Carton hopes to clear his name.

"He has been basically ridiculed and scorned, people are attacking him left and right. That's the mine field that goes with being a shock jock in the morning. It's sad, but according to all accounts and I think it stared last week, he's going to fight as hard as he can," said Boomer.

Listen to the full interview in the podcast above!

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