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Blog: News & Notes From Around The NFL

Here are some news and notes from the NFL and beyond.

With the NFL telling teams to cool it on the playoff trash talking, Bart Scott may have thrown a final comment over the bow. Wes Welker's foot chatter to the media caught the ire of the New York linebacker. "I'll tell you what," Scott told Newsday on Friday. "Be very careful what you say about our coach. Welker's days in a uniform will be numbered. Put it like that." Scott was very straight forward. You can expect the referees to watch for any excessive hits on Welker.

The Dallas Cowboys seem to be moving a new direction for their defense. Dallas has interviewed Rob Ryan for a defensive coordinator position. Sources are saying the process is going well and that the two sides are in agreement. Ryan, the twin brother of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, has coached in the NFL for 12 years. He served as the Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator under Eric Mangini the past two seasons. He led the defense of the Oakland Raiders the previous five years

Soccer 6 chimes in with some real talk and this week she catches up with the T-Ocho show and guess what, Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch was a guest on the show. Just for you guys keeping score at home, the T-Ocho show has been boring and terrible and should be taken off the air, but Chad needs a job because he's struggling with his NFL gig. Soccer says Deion was a great guest and the scoop was about coach Belichick. Branch said coach is a mastermind and left it at that. He also called Bill real cool.

Okay, I am around coach Belichick and when I think of him, "real cool" is not the first thing that comes to mind. With that said, this is the same guy who's friends with Bon Jovi and Chad Johnson and Tom Cruise. Bill must be something because he has A-list friends. Still that's very strange.

6 says Deion fielded questions about Tom Brady and said he wishes every wide receiver had a chance to play with Tom. To which T.O. and Chad said they would love to be playing with him right now. Okay, these two idiots don't get it. You have to put in the team unity work, to get that championship feel. These guys put in work just not in the NFL anymore. T.O. trying to find love on VH1 (horrific show) and Chad is trying to find dates but he's engaged to someone from 'Basketball Wives." Hey look at VH1 playing matchmaker.

Soccer said the conversation turned to hair and you have to hear this. Apparently about a year ago, Tom texted Deion and told him he was going to grow out his hair. Deion decided he would do the same. When it got long, Branch twisted it up. 6 says Brady's long locks are the best ever seen, girl or guy. Oh, CHILD PLEEZ. The more talk there is about Tom's hair, the less chance he is going to cut it. Everybody needs to quiet the hair talk and maybe Tom will cut that mess.

Soccer gives us a "Basketball Wives" update. Apparently Jennifer and former Celtic Eric Williams are splitting up. For those out there who care, take a ball point pen and stab your hand. The couple goes to counseling but Soccer's sources are saying they are going their separate ways. Who are these sources and why are they in the Basketball Wives business. If there was anyone who needed to get a life, it's these sources.

Finally, Soccer says Kendra and Hank recently celebrated baby Hank's first birthday. Now they just need grown up Hank to get a steady football job.

Thanks everybody for reading and thank you Soccer 6.

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