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Blind Man Completes Quest To Hike Every Large NH Peak In One Winter

BOSTON (CBS) - Climbing all of the 4,000-foot mountains in New Hampshire is a challenge for any hiker.

For a native of Nashua, New Hampshire, it was a bigger challenge, but he has done it.

Randy pierce is is blind, and on Saturday, he reached the summit of Cannon Mountain. In the process, he and his guide dog, Quinn, did something no blind person has ever done: climb all 48 4,000-foot-tall in the winter.

"I don't know, that in a condensed time period, I've ever filled my life with so many rich, rewarding experiences and challenges," said Pierce.

Pierce, whose 2020 Vision Quest is meant to inspire people to reach beyond adversity and achieve their goals, said he was inspired to attempt the feat last summer.

"Somewhere in August, I had suggested to me that I could potentially undertake something that could be a little bit historic if I wanted to go for a single-season winter of 48. It would get me in shape for the bigger project, the 2020's," said Pierce.

Fewer than 50 people have hiked all 48 peaks in one winter.

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