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Bill Belichick Calls Peyton Manning 'The Best Quarterback I've Coached Against'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Tom Brady was on hand for Peyton Manning's Hall of Fame enshrinement on Sunday night, a big show of respect for his longtime rival. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was a little busy with training camp in New England on Sunday, but he still made sure to heap praise on Manning on the former quarterback's special weekend.

Belichick made a quick trip to Canton for Saturday night -- New England's off day -- and gave Manning the highest praise possible when speaking to The Boston Globe's Ben Volin.

"He is definitely the best quarterback I've coached against," Belichick said of Manning. "There have been quarterbacks who called their own plays, but it was nowhere near the same as what he did. He basically called every play by adjusting and/or changing the play once he saw what the defense was doing. He excelled at using the cadence and recognizing blitzes, and more than any one single offensive player, he forced us to change and adapt defensive game plans."

Belichick and Manning had some pretty epic showdown during Manning's 18-year career. Belichick's teams (mostly with Brady at quarterback) went 12-8 against Manning's teams during regular season play, though Manning was 3-2 against New England during the postseason. That includes a 3-1 mark for Manning whenever he met the Patriots in AFC Championship Games. Whenever Manning was on the other side, Belichick knew that his defense had to be at the top of their game, and the offense had to be ready to keep pace.

Expect Belichick to be asked if he has a new "best quarterback I've coached against" after Week 4's matchup between Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Gillette Stadium.


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