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Bill Belichick Was Mic'd Up During Patriots-Packers, Had Some Fun With Brady About Touchdown To Gordon

BOSTON (CBS) -- Bill Belichick was mic'd up during Sunday night's 31-17 Patriots victory over the Green Bay Packers, giving New England fans four minutes of must-see TV.

The video (which you can see here in its entirety) shows Belichick urging his defense to keep up their great work against Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who they held to a pedestrian 269 yards and two touchdowns in the victory.

"The pass rush is what we want. Alright? That's the idea right there. Some of those incompletions are because of the rush. Let's keep doing that," shouted Belichick.

While Belichick has had nothing but great things to say about Rodgers off the field, but in coaching up his defense, he appeared to be pretty critical of the quarterback while on the sidelines Sunday night.

"Keep working the [crud] out of those guards. Keep him in the pocket," he said in another clip, provided by Showtime's Inside The NFL. "[Rodgers has] tried to throw us two interceptions, now. We're gonna get one. He's just lobbing it up there."

That interception never came, but the Patriots defense kept one of the best quarterbacks in the game in check. Belichick was back to exuding plenty of love for Rodgers in their postgame handshake, as the two partook in a "You're the best -- No YOU'RE the best" exchange as they met at midfield. One has to wonder what Tom Brady feels like after hearing that.

Belichick did have a funny exchange with his QB, ribbing Brady about his intended target on Josh Gordon's 55-yard touchdown. Julian Edelman nearly broke up the play, jumping to try to catch the ball about six yards behind Gordon.

When Belichick asked Brady who he was throwing that pass to, the quarterback casually told his coach that Gordon was always the intended receiver. And like every one of New England's four touchdowns, and their fumble recovery, Belichick had a stone-faced reaction to Gordon's score.

Also featured in the clip is Belichick chastising an official on the sideline ("You're not on it at all!") and searching for an extra sharpie on the sideline. It's a great way to fill the void leading up to Sunday afternoon's matchup with the Tennessee Titans.


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