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Bikers, Drivers Encouraged To Share Road In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - Luke and Darth Vader. Cats and dogs. Bikers vs. Drivers.

They are sworn enemies in the eternal battle over street turf. When you ask about either side you're bound to get a passionate response.

"I just think the roads are made for cars and not for bikes especially in the city," said Aymen Rajeh. "It's enough for cars to watch out for other cars."

"Being honked at or pushed into another car isn't great," said biker Sara Smith.

WBZ-TV's Alana Gomez reports

Although clearly drivers outnumber cyclists, plan on watching their numbers grow. An army of pedal pushers took to the streets of Boston as part of the city's new bike share program.

The system spreads out 600 bikes across the city at dozens of different sidewalk vending stations. People can rent them short term and pay by the hour or purchase an annual membership.

So far, more than 700 people have paid for an annual membership through the website.

Police will have extra patrols out at the most dangerous intersections to enforce traffic rules for drivers and bikers.

We went to one of those notorious locations on Mass Ave and Boylston and found both sides bending the rules.

"I probably ran a red I was definitely on the sidewalk," said Sean McCluskey, who was taking out his bike for the first time.

Driver Tim Young admitted to opening his car door on a biker after parking his car. "It happened before. He kind of fell. I had to help him up."

City officials say hopefully there will be less of that. They're hoping we'll learn to share, or at least turn the road rage into transportation tolerance.

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