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Better Wax Sculpture: Paul Pierce Or Tom Brady?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Boston's new Dreamland Wax Museum caught the attention of sports fans across New England when their Tom Brady wax sculpture was revealed and it ... didn't look too much like Tom Brady. The museum explained that they would need Brady to sit down with an artist and take over 200 measurements to get an exact recreation of his likeness.

Brady is not the only famous athlete at the museum, though. It actually has several wax figures of famous athletes, and former Celtic Paul Pierce is among them.

Does this wax figure look like Pierce to you?

Twitter user Ben DiGiulio snapped a photo of the Pierce wax sculpture and brought it to the attention of Barstool Sportswho gave the wax figure a big thumbs down.

The below video from the Dreamland Wax Museum also gives a brief glimpse at wax figures of Boston sports legends Larry Bird and Ray Bourque, in addition to one of LeBron James.

Dreamland Wax Museum | Pre-Launch Commercial by Doug Andrade on YouTube

Perhaps Pierce can have some measurements done when he's in town to have his number retired at the TD Garden.

What do you think: which wax sculpture looks closer to the real person, Tom Brady or Paul Pierce? Cast your vote below.

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