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Brandeis 'Kraft' Professor Who Studies Human Trafficking Stunned By Charges Against Patriots Owner

BOSTON (CBS) -- Bernadette Brooten is the Myra & Robert Kraft Jacob Hiatt Professor for Christian Studies at Brandeis University. She was obviously stunned to hear that Robert Kraft has been accused of soliciting a prostitute connected to an alleged human trafficking ring.

'"I was very disturbed to hear of these violations and I was very shocked," Professor Brooten said.

She has met Kraft on several occasions and speaks very highly of his character and compassion to help others.

"Robert Kraft has supported my work and my work has a great deal to do with slavery. He was always friendly and gracious to me and interested in my work," Brooten said.

Bernadette Brooten, the Myra & Robert Kraft Jacob Hiatt Professor for Christian Studies at Brandies University (WBZ-TV)

For decades, Brooten said she has studied the devastating, and dehumanization impact human trafficking has on victims. "It's is much more widespread than we think. They may have to service 18 men a day and do that day after day."

No matter what becomes of the allegations surrounding Robert Kraft, Brooten says she believes some good could come out of this: by making people more aware of how dangerous and rampant sex trafficking has become in the country.

"Often in our country we come to awareness of a problem because of some celebrity. What many of us overlook is how close to home it is," Brooten said.

Brooten hopes more federal funding and resources will be provided to help combat this problem and the work Myra and Robert Kraft started will continue. "The legacy will remain," she said.

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