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2 Bears Removed Safely From Tree In Amesbury

AMESBURY (CBS) – A mother bear and her cub were the talk of the town in Amesbury Tuesday morning.

amesbury bears
The two bears in a tree in Amesbury Tuesday morning. (WBZ-TV)

Police were called to Elm Street around 6 a.m. after several people spotted the two bears in a tree.

amesbury bear
One of the bears in a tree in Amesbury Tuesday morning. (WBZ-TV)

Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers started working on a plan to get them out of the neighborhood safely.

The larger bear was hit with a tranquilizer dart and fell out of the tree.

The smaller bear was still perched up high in the tree for several more minutes before it was also hit with a dart.

The little bear fell safely into a giant tarp.

Both were moved to a "wooded location," according to Environmental Police. They said the bears were probably drawn to the Amesbury neighborhood by bird feeders and a chicken coop.


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