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All-Stars fashion their own style off the field

With all the cops prowling the hotel during All-Star media day, good thing none of them represented the fashion police. Otherwise, some citations surely would have been handed out to baseball's millionaires.

Like two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum. The San Francisco Giants' baby-faced pitcher walked to his table wearing a gray cotton hoodie with the hood pulled over his long black hair, never mind the hot temperatures outside.

Wondering where that ugly plaid shirt you own went?

Onto the backs of several players, including Giants reliever Brian Wilson, whose brown version was nondescript compared to his Mohawk 'do. Nick Swisher of the Yankees rolled up the sleeves on his plaid number. Though he's a first-time All-Star, Swisher didn't fall for it when his teammates told him he had to wear his uniform to the hotel Monday.

"That really didn't work," he said.

T-shirts and jeans - dark wash, faded and torn - were popular, too. So was wearing sunglasses indoors, though Rafael Furcal of the Los Angeles Dodgers took his off before taking questions.

Pitcher CC Sabathia of the Yankees accented his T-shirt with loads of bling - on his watch, long necklace, bracelet and earrings. Not sure what the less-is-more folks of "What Not to Wear" would say about that.

Style is more laid-back in Anaheim than in Hollywood, but a handful of players would have fit in on a red carpet in Tinseltown.

Arthur Rhodes of the Cincinnati Reds, a first-time All-Star at age 40, donned a pale blue suit, accented by a taupe shirt and blue striped tie, and diamond studs in both ears.

"I know most guys have been here before. They say wear jeans and a nice shirt," Rhodes said. "But I say, `You know what? I'm going to go out there and look good.' The first one, you have to wear a suit."

Clearly, Marlon Byrd of the Chicago Cubs got the message. He looked as though he had walked out of the pages of GQ in a black plaid suit over a pale green shirt with a matching green pocket square. Watch tastefully dripping in diamonds? Check. Diamond stud earrings? Check.

"I'm an All-Star," he said. "First time ever, I want to look like an All-Star."

Atlanta infielder Omar Infante melded style and Orange County's casual summer look in perfectly pressed cream slacks, a pink dress shirt and white leather driving shoes without socks.

Yankees superstars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez went the jacket-and-tie route.

No one did that look better than Boston slugger David Ortiz.

Intimidating enough in his Red Sox uniform, Big Papi took things to a whole other level wearing all black - from his suit to his shirt to his tie to his shiny patent loafers. His eyes were hidden behind huge black shades with a blingy pattern on the sides. The monochromatic look only served to accent his diamond watch, necklace and studs.

"That's something for a guy that's been an All-Star," Byrd said. "I'm not trying to do all of that first time out."

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