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Add The Bears To List Of Teams That Tom Brady Completely Owns

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Every single week that he steps on the field, Tom Brady sets a new record. Some are more distinguishable than others, but just by virtue of playing the game at a high level for nearly two full decades, he's either piling up accolades or building upon records he already owns on a weekly basis.

And on Sunday in Chicago, Brady added to a rather unique accomplishment by remaining undefeated against the Chicago Bears.

Sunday marked the fifth time Brady has faced the Bears in his career, with Brady and the Patriots picking up victories in all five regular-season meetings.

That keeps Brady's undefeated list at five: Atlanta (5-0), Chicago (5-0), Dallas (4-0), Minnesota (4-0), and Tampa Bay (4-0).

You could add a sixth for the Falcons, what with Brady's record-setting comeback from a 28-3 deficit in Super Bowl LI and everything. But the Falcons have been through enough.

Brady will be tested against Minnesota when the Vikings visit Foxboro in Week 13.

Brady's played very well against the Bears, as he's now thrown 14 touchdowns with four interceptions and a 70.4 completion rate while posting a 109.2 passer rating in the five games. Brady only has a better passer rating against Atlanta (116.7), Pittsburgh (111.8), Minnesota (109.4), and Tennessee (109.4).

That list of always-defeated teams obviously only includes NFC teams, as the Patriots' loss to the Jaguars earlier this season eliminated the only AFC team that had yet to beat Brady. That being said, Brady has compiled some pretty impressive records against most of the AFC.

Brady's win-loss record vs.:

Buffalo: 28-3
Houston: 7-1
Pittsburgh: 8-2
Baltimore: 6-1
Cincinnati: 6-1
Cleveland: 6-1
NY Jets: 25-7
LA/SD Chargers: 6-2
Jacksonville: 5-1
Tennessee: 5-1
Oakland: 4-1

Zooming out a bit further on Brady's career, he's really only had problems (relatively speaking) with the AFC West and the NFC West.

Brady's win-loss record vs.:

AFC East: 77-20 (.794 winning percentage)
AFC North: 25-5 (.833)
AFC South: 26-6 (.813)
AFC West: 22-12 (.647)

NFC East: 13-3 (.813)
NFC North: 15-3 (.833)
NFC South: 12-4 (.750)
NFC West: 10-5 (.667)

(He went 0-1 against the now-defunct AFC Central, and 0-1 against the NFC Central.)

Any way you break it down, just about the entire NFL has had a lot of problems with Brady and the Patriots. But after Sunday, the Bears find themselves stuck among the worst in that category.

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