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Abington Boutique Owner Overwhelmed By Plus-Sized Prom Dresses For Teen

ABINGTON (CBS) --- It's supposed to be a fun and happy high school memory but the prom can also be really stressful.

Abington store owner Kristen Harris felt some of the stresses and heartache for one of her young customers but is now determined to turn it around for the girl.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Karen Twomey reports

Abington Boutique Owner Overwhelmed By Prom Dresses For Plus-Sized Teen

Harris tells WBZ NewsRadio 1030 she heard the young girl crying in her dressing room of The Designer Diva Consignment Boutique, as she tried on prom dresses.

"I heard her crying and it just killed me," Harris said.

The girl couldn't find a dress in a size that fit.

"This one little girl, in her face was so precious she has the most beautiful eyes and beautiful face and you could see right into her soul, how sweet this girl is," Harris said.

When the girl walked out upset, Harris couldn't let it go.

She put the word out and friends and acquaintances began flooding her with offers of beautiful plus-sized prom dresses. Harris then set out to find the girl who had been in her store.

"There should have been something there for her, there should be something everywhere for everybody," she said.

Harris then took to social media to find the young customer, posting on her Facebook page:

"To the beautiful girl that was in my store today looking for a size 22 dress...I didn't get your name before you left but I will not forget your face I'm sorry you were sad... but don't be. I will find you your dream dress!!! Someone already brought one in & I'll do everything in my power to get more. Please come back in & when you do the Dress is on Me I hope you see this or someone who knows her does."

Harris finally did find the girl and says she'll come in next week to get a beautiful new dress in time for prom.

"I started crying," Harris said when she received a Facebook message from her.

In addition to dresses, Harris has received offers from several local businesses including a hair salon, photographer, jeweler and florist, all offering to provide services for free. Others offered money to buy the dress for the girl but Harris says she is giving the girl the dress because it's not about making money.

Harris says she's now working to get more plus-sized clothing into her store and believes every girl - no matter the size - deserves to feel beautiful.

"No other girl is going to walk in and not being able to find something in their size. No one should feel that way," she says.


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