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2016 Presidential Debate: Memorable Quotes

NEW YORK (CBS) - It was a night of one liners from both sides of the stage during the first presidential debate in Hempstead, New York.

Both nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, did not hold back jabbing at each other on a number of issues. Here are some highlights:

On how the candidates want to be addressed:

Trump: "Secretary Clinton - is that okay? I want you to be very happy. Very important to me."

On Trump's Tax Plan:

Clinton: "It's Trumped-Up Trickle Down."

On Fighting ISIS:

Trump: "Just go to her website, she'll tell you how to fight've been fighting ISIS your entire adult life."

On Stop And Frisk:

Moderator Lester Holt: "Stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional in New York."

Trump: "No, you're wrong."

On his hotel near the White House: 

Trump: "If I don't get there one way, I'm going to get to Pennsylvania Avenue another"

On Cyber Security:

Trump: Cyber warfare is a huge problem. My 10-year-old is good with computers. Cyber security is tough, hardly doable. We should do better.

On His Personality:

Trump: "I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament... I know how to win. She does not know how to win.

On The Iraq Invasion:

Clinton: "Donald supported the invasion of Iraq."
Trump: "Wrong!"
Clinton: "That has been proven over and over again."
Trump: "Wrong!"

On Nuclear Threats:

Clinton: "A man that can be provoked with a tweet, should not have his finger anywhere near the nuclear codes."

On If They Lose The Election:

Clinton: "I certainly will accept the outcome of this election."

Trump: "If she wins, I will absolutely support her."

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