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Towson High School parents frustrated by communication after threats sent

Towson High School parents express safety concerns after threats sent
Towson High School parents express safety concerns after threats sent 01:26

BALTIMORE -- Towson High School parents are calling for better communication from police and school leaders after recent emailed threats to staff. 

Students and their parents expressed their safety concerns to school leaders and county police Wednesday night in an emergency meeting.

The school received multiple threats in the span of a couple of weeks.

Parents and students said they feel like they were left in the dark when it came to hearing any updates on the investigations of those threats.

Despite the extra police presence at the school, some parents still did not feel comfortable sending their children to class.

A bomb threat was emailed to school staff last week.

Though police found nothing after searching the school with K9 dogs, they did increase the patrol presence at the school.

Prior to that, the school received an online threat before Thanksgiving week that came from outside the country.

Parents expressed their frustrations that they felt they were learning more about the threats through their children by going on social media.

Police say rumors are spreading on social media and they only release limited accurate information.  

Parents asked if FBI was involved in the county's investigation, but police said they could not confirm.

While school leaders and police say they understand parents want more communication, they don't want to share information that's inaccurate and spark more concern with the online rumors.

"We would've liked to have had something to said every day even if it was simply just, 'we have no leads. We have no new leads,'" one parent said. 

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