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Steve Davis: Who Will The Ravens Pick?

The Ravens will pick 6th tonight, their highest selection since 2000 when they grabbed Jamal Lewis at number 5.  In recent years, they've picked so low in the first round, it really is just a guess since you had no idea who would drop.  That said, people did a good job guessing Mark Clayton, Haloti Ngata and Ben Grubbs; plenty of mock drafts actually had those guys going to the Ravens. I don't remember too many drafts like this one, where the top of the draft was so up in the air.

We know QB's are going first and second, so you would tend to think there would be some kind of consensus on who the Chargers would take on number 3. I'm not saying the consensus would be correct. I'm just saying there would be some kind of concurrence among media members. However, even the experts seem to be guessing on San Diego.  Ditto with the Cowboys at number 4.  So, if the Chargers and Cowboys are guesswork at 5, that filters down to the Jaguars and Ravens at 5 and 6.

In other years, pundits seemed to have a pretty good feel who would go in the first 5 picks and  so there was a good amount of accuracy with the early picks.  For the Ravens to be going at 6 (which is almost like going 4th since Goff and Wentz will be gone at 1-2), it is surprising to think that no one really has a feel who the Ravens would take, even if they had their choice between Ramsey, Tunsil, Bosa, Jack and Buckner...or even someone else.

It will make the first 30 minutes of the draft nail-biting, must-see TV.

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