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Mark Viviano Breaks Down What Went Wrong For The Ravens In Miami

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has preached it throughout this unpredictable and chaotic season.

The NFL, he says, is a week-to-week league. In other words, whatever you think you know, or whatever trend you're looking at, it's likely to change the following week.

It's true. It's painfully true for the Ravens in prime time at Miami, touted as a homecoming for South Florida native Lamar Jackson, the Ravens quarterback--his friends and family watching Lamar and the offense struggle. He was sacked four times and the frustration showed on the sidelines.

The Ravens managed just one field goal in the first half.

Neither team scored a touchdown until the fourth quarter, and it's Miami's defense that does it. In the fourth quarter, Jackson's passed to Sammy Watkins, who fumbles when he's hit. Xavien Howard picked it up and carried it 49 yards for the score. A stunning turn that has the Ravens down 15 to 3.

Jackson, who has led some incredible comebacks this season, finally gets the guys to the end zone late on a 99-yard drive--a TD pass to Mark Andrews with four minutes left in regulation. Miami up 15-10.

Up to the defense to hold it, but Miami comes up with another huge play: Tua Tagovailoa to Albert Wilson, uncovered. He goes 64 yards deep into Ravens territory. The Ravens defense has been gouged by big plays all season.

The Dolphins go up a dozen when Tagovailoa executes a QB keeper for a one-yard TD, 22-10 the lead with just over two minutes remaining in regulation.

And it's a fitting ending to a frustrating night for Jackson and the Ravens, the final pass picked off in the end zone.

The Ravens do not shine in prime time. They cannot save themselves with one of their dramatic comebacks. 22-10, a defeat in Miami.

After the game, Harbaugh placed the blame on himself.

"It's a road Thursday night game, it's hard to go on the road on Thursday night, but we've done it before and we've been successful," he said. "We just played poorly and it's because of our coaching. It's starts with me. I didn't do a good job getting these guys ready."

Defensive end Calais Campbell said the team has a lot of improvements to make.

"First thing we got to do is look in the mirror and figure out, you know, What can I do to get better and help this team in the football game next week?" he said. What can I do to get better for us to get to where we want to be as a football team? Because right now, today wasn't our best football."

Well, the Ravens come up woefully short in a short week. Now with extra time to prep for what's next, it's a road game at Chicago a week from Sunday.

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