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Bob Ehrlich Joins The Scott Garceau Show

Former Governor, Bob Ehrlich, joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to talk about the Ravens, Orioles and High School football.

With a big rivalry game between his former team (Gillman) and McDonaugh set to play for the 100th time this Saturday, Ehrlich talked about how great high school football in Maryland has become, "I never thought high school football in this area would get to this level. It's pretty darn good." Bob later talked about his days as a high school athlete at Gillman in the 70's and what values he learned back then that he still preaches today, "Life doesn't get any better than high school and you'll never forget these games. Don't talk about college all the time or who's recruiting you and where you're going to go...enjoy high school! Enjoy this experience and this season. That's my advice to my son and any other son or daughter out there."

Scott & Jeremy asked Bob for his opinions on the Orioles upcoming offseason. "There is one guy they have to sign with respect to credibility to the fan base. If you're going to sign Davis, you have a lot of explaining to do. The fans love him, he loves Baltimore and maybe you'll get a small home town discount and if you don't; what are you going to do?"

Listen to the full interview here and don't forget to follow Scott and Jeremy on twitter @ScottGShow1057 and @JeremyConn1057.


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