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BARCS Seeks Owner Of Cat Burned, Rescued From Car Engine In Reservoir Hill

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Firefighters rescued a cat calling for help from inside a hot car parked in Reservoir Hill on Thursday, BARCS Animal Shelter said.

A man in the neighborhood noticed the yowling around 7 a.m. He looked out of his bedroom window and saw a car with its hood open parked outside of its home, the animal shelter said. 

The man heard the noise again and realized it was coming from inside the car. Then he went outside to help.

The driver of the vehicle had been driving for at least 10 minutes before realizing an odd sound was coming from his engine, according to the shelter.

After some investigation, the cat was found stuck in the engine compartment. The man and the driver contacted emergency services, then grabbed tools and a hydraulic jack. 

The cat could not be removed without the assistance of the Baltimore City Fire Department and Baltimore City Animal Control though. It took over an hour to free the cat, BARCS said. 

The cat had burns covering his underside and ulcerations on all four paw pads, staff said. His skin was peeling and his fur was covered in soot; he even had soot in his mouth. 

The cat was treated for its injuries at the animal shelter. After a few days of treatment, the cat's paws are beginning to look better, the shelter said. 

Luckily, the cat had a microchip, but it hasn't led animal shelter staff to an owner, staff said.

If the cat looks familiar or you have any information about his potential owners, then please contact BARCS Animal Shelter at 410-396-4695.

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