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Queen Bey has officially taken over North Texas

Queen Bey has officially taken over North Texas
Queen Bey has officially taken over North Texas 02:41

ARLINGTON ( - Beyoncé has taken over North Texas and fans came dressed to impress!

The Renaissance Tour officially made it to Dallas and thousands of fans are at AT&T stadium. 

Beyonce wanted everyone to wear silver to create a human disco ball and apparently, local stores are now sold out of silver outfits. Everyone wants to look their best.

Getting good tickets wasn't easy and they sure weren't cheap. 

"I think the last time I saw Beyoncé it was like $400 together for two people and I paid just $400 for myself this time," said concertgoer McKenzie Young.

But for Beyonce fans, it's more than worth it to see Queen Bey in person. 

"I'm looking forward to 'Church Girl' being sang and maybe an old hit like Diva," said Wil Brown, who is attending the concert.

Concertgoers put a lot of effort into their outfits. 

"I saw hats that were $200, $300 and I'm like, 'I'm not about to pay all that money,' so I DIY'd my hat myself," Hannah Huggans said.

"I'm actually working at Ulta Beauty and one of the stylists put the tinsel in my hair," said concertgoer Dezi Darby. "And then I also have a friend that helped braid the front of my hair." 

Pink Lucy boutique owner Tiffany Walker says she's recently seen a 40% increase in sales because of this. 

"We actually had to find more seamstresses and cutters in order to make sure that we could fulfill all the orders that we had," said Walker. "So it has really been a blessing." 

Dressed to the nines, fans are ready to dance the night away, calling this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"I don't think she'll tour anymore," Huggans said. "I think this is her grand finale." 

That's why some fans say after Thursday night's concert they plan to go to Houston to catch her again this weekend. They don't want to miss the opportunity. 

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