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Civil War


New initiative aimed at U.S. political divide

A new group called, Team Democracy, is urging citizens, politicians, and organizations to sign a pledge re-committing to America's core principles. The non-profit includes Stanley McChrystal, the former Joint Special Operations Command and Afghanistan War commander, and Doug Lute, who shared with senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge why they believe American democracy is facing its greatest threat since the Civil War.


Judging the Franklin Pierce presidency, one of the worst

No survey of America's worst presidents would be complete without our 14th president, Franklin Pierce, whose reputation for amiability and good looks (and his introduction of perforated postage stamps) was offset by his support for the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act, which led to clashes between pro- and anti-slavery forces. Correspondent Mo Rocca looks at the legacy of a president whose actions in office brought the nation closer to civil war.


Seneca Village: The historic settlement that disappeared

In the early 19th century Seneca Village, in the middle of Manhattan, was home to the largest number of free Black property owners in New York City before the Civil War. Irish and German immigrants moved in, too. But in 1853, when Central Park was in the planning stages, the city used eminent domain to take control of the land, displacing the settlement's residents. Correspondent Faith Salie looks at efforts to unearth the unique history of Seneca Village, and to find descendants of those evicted.

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