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What can Australia teach us about mass shootings?

In 1996, just 12 days after 35 people were killed in a mass shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania, the government of Australia enacted strict gun control legislation, including a ban on the sale and import of all automatic and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, and a gun buyback program. Since then, there have been only one mass shooting in Australia, and gun homicides decreased nearly 60 percent. Correspondent Seth Doane talks with Australian politicians, and with a victim and gunowner, about the sweeping changes. (A previous version of this story was broadcast on March 13, 2016.)


Biden: U.S. willing to defend Taiwan "militarily"

During his first official trip to Asia, President Biden said the U.S. would respond "militarily" if China were to invade the self-ruled island of Taiwan. The comment is drawing criticism due to the United States' long-standing policy of maintaining ambiguity when it comes to making a security commitment to Taiwan. Dan Blumenthal, senior fellow and director of Asian studies at the American Enterprise Institute, joined CBS News' Lana Zak to discuss.

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