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Turner Registers As Sex Offender With Ohio Authorities

XENIA, Ohio (CBS SF) – After a weekend of protests in front of his family's Ohio home, former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner completed the paperwork Tuesday to register as a sex offender with Ohio authorities.

Under heavy security and the glare of media cameras, Turner whose sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the Stanford campus triggered a national debate was released from Santa Clara County jail early last Friday after serving just three months of a six-month sentence.

He quickly the left the Bay Area, returning his family's home in Ohio. He was given 5 days to complete the registration with authorities in Greene County near Dayton.

Over the weekend, protesters armed with guns and signs gathered outside the family's home disrupting life for residents in the quiet neighborhood.

Asked for a reaction by CBS' Daytona affiliate WHIO, a neighbor simply replied: ""You've got to be kidding me."

Chalk messages critical of Turner were written on the sidewalk.

"He's just not welcome. If he's expecting to come home, and everyone pat him on the back, say it's okay – he's not going to get it from the community," protester Molly Hardin told CBS.

Turner assaulted the unconscious and partially unclothed woman during a party outside a fraternity house on school grounds next to a Dumpster early on the morning of Jan. 18, 2015.

Two passersby caught Turner in the act, chased after him and apprehended him before authorities reached the scene.

The woman woke up later in the morning at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, where she couldn't remember anything past midnight after drinking alcohol at the party.

Turner told sheriff's investigators that he was heavily drinking at the party where he met the woman, kissed her outside on the ground and believed the sex was consensual.


The woman's 12-page statement read in court addressed to Turner has been widely shared online that describes the impact the assault and its aftermath have had on her life.

"I am not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster, while you are the All-American swimmer at a top university, innocent until proven guilty, with so much at stake. I am a human being who has been irreversibly hurt, who waited a year to figure out if I was worth something," the statement said.

The six-month sentence Judge Aaron Persky handed down has drawn harsh criticism and led to an online petition seeking his removal.

He has since stepped down from trying criminal cases in Santa Clara County and is hearing cases in civil court.

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